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We Can Work This Out

But only if we're all in this together!

Troy Bolton
3 April
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Consumed by the sound!

"You know, I always liked the idea of being in control of my own future until it actually happened..."

Troy Bolton is East High's star basketball player. Best buddies with Chad Danforth, his fellow basketball Captain, popular with all the kids who know what's totes hip and happenin', and dating with uber-geek Gabriella Montez. As the high schools most popular jock, it all seems pretty smooth sailing for Bolton, and yet with senior year now in full swing, he's facing life changing decisions involving careers and colleges. Does he choose his passion for basketball, or his not-so-secret love of singing and acting? Oh noez, inner turmoil and teen woe.

Troy is mostly played in capeandcowl and comes from the end of the final movie, having just finished high school and about to step into the big, wide world of college and beyond. Except then he gets stuck in The City. Well, damn.

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♪ I can be your hero, baby... ♪


( ooc: I own nothing! High School Musical and Troy Bolton all belong to Disney, and everyone else involved, I make no claim to be involved, and definitely don't claim to be Zefron. So there. This is all for cracky fun times. Troy can be contacted IC over AIM at RednWhitePride. )