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We Can Work This Out
But only if we're all in this together!
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5th-Feb-2011 02:09 am(no subject)
Yo, this is Troy! Seems I'm not around right now, so hit me up with a message and I'll get back to you. Catch ya later!

( Insert both IC and OOC messages here for both mun and/or muse. IC conversations also available over on AIM at RednWhitePride. )
4th-Feb-2011 09:01 pm - ♪ CAPEANDCOWL HMD POST! ♪
Here's the place to leave critique, good or bad, on how you think I'm doing. Got something that annoys you? Need to get something off your chest? Want to bitch about how sucky HSM is? Leave me a note here and I'll cry myself to sleep reply with what I can. xD

Comments are screened.

Constructive criticism welcomed.

Much love. Peace out. ♥
31st-Jan-2010 09:50 pm - Rp with apoxuponyou
Suspicious of you
Troy's been concerned for Pes ever since the bridge incident.

In all honesty, Troy's concerned about pretty much everyone unless they're smiling constantly and remaining entirely happy. But he's even more concerned by the fact Pes was not only thinking about jumping, but also seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth since.

He seriously hasn't heard from her since and it's vaguely worrying.

It's only now that it's suddenly dawning on him that he's got a fall-back for such just an occasion. Stupid. No not Troy, the horse. But Troy's also pretty stupid. Still, he's managed to call forth the horse- with a great amount of confusion- and eventually hitch a ride.

To a cave.

Well okay then.

"Urhm... hello?"
28th-Oct-2009 12:27 am - Stolen from Waaaaandaaa!
Paired off
Omigawd, date profile thing...Collapse )

Some of these questions kinda scared me. They shoulda just had 'Are you a racist?' 'Are you a homophobe' and 'Are you a lefty?!' for half of these. Plus, uh, me = political? No dudes, just... no. The only politics I ever followed was The West Wing show. :D
21st-Oct-2009 02:01 am - Song of the month!
Laa~!, Singing Time!
HOLY CRAP! I totally forgot about this months song. I'm so bad at this meme thing. So instead of setting my tunes to random and letting it select my song, considering most of this month is done with already, I'll be choosing my own song of the month. It's kind of an important one for me too...

THE SOOOOOONG...Collapse )
Troy's not really sure why he's quite as nervous as he is, but he just is. Okay, that's a lie, he completely and utterly understands why he suddenly feels a rush of first date kind of emotions again, and he's preeeetty sure he can relate it all back to the conversation of awkward that's led him to picking up Jerri in the first place.

At least he hasn't got to travel half way across the world now just to se her, but he does still have to sweet talk his battered truck into starting and then persuade her to go on the journey over to Jerri's place and back without breaking down. It's a hard task, he knows, but it's kind of the whole point of vehicles.

Eventually, after some time, there is a Troy outside Jerri's place, beeping the horn several times before hopping out of his truck and heading for the front door, a bunch of tiny, wild flowers in his hand. God knows where he finds this stuff.
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